Is it an integer?

Discuss possible ways to write a function isInteger(x) that determines if x is an integer.

There are a lot of ways that this can be solved. Without looking at the answer, two stood out to me as potential options. The first thought and what I think is the cleanest option takes me back to my middle school math days. An integrer to the power of 0 equals itself so a function raising x^0 would do the trick.

function isInteger(x) { return (x^0) === x; } 

The other solution I came up with is to use some javascripting. Javascript had three really helpful properties that could work for this Math.floor(), Math.ciel(), and Math.round(). These all round the number either up or down. If it were an integer, it would not change.

function isInteger(x) { return Math.round(x) === x; }

These are just two of many options. Have another solution? Post it in the comments or tweet it to me @MaureenCodes.