About Me

Who am I?

I am a software developer, a hacker, a crafter, a maker and a runner. I am always involved in a variety of pursuits, from baking to playing rugby. First and foremost I have a love of technology and the opportunities that technology can give people. I have become involved in various capacities with Women Who Code, Code Ed, Girl Develop It, and most recently Junior League, to try to get women and kids excited about technology.

How I got here

I grew up all over the US. I was born in Seattle, did a stint in Connecticut, and spent high school in GA. I have always loved making things. As a kid, I lived for those Klutz craft books doing everything from making friendship bracelets to painting pine cones. As I got older, my love of using my hands turned to a love of nature. Hiking, fishing, camping, snowboarding and climbing mountains took the place of those painted pine cones, but I kept crocheting and would sell custom made beanies for extra cash. In school I studied environmental sciences and found a job in nonprofits, making shitty buildings more energy efficient and comfortable to live in. I worked through out the building industry for 3 years, becoming increasingly more and more tech curious until I ultimately taught myself to code and found my very first dev job.

What do I like?

I like being active, learning and pushing myself. I love being out side, running really far and playing in the snow. I like dresses and colors and high heel shoes. I like wearables and hardware, and had a fascination with arduinos. I like javascript and frameworks and trying to get them all straight. I like challenges and games and getting all the pieces together. I like the front end, and making beautiful usable interfaces come to like. I like that moment after banging my head against a wall where all the pieces come together and the code executes perfectly. I like writing code.